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Prepare for Perpetual Technology Upgrade Mode: Lifetime Learning With an Attitude

Do you find yourself spending more and more time trying to keep up with the constant stream of technology upgrades and the fallout they create? I do. Here’s a small sampling from last week. I finally upgraded my Mac operating system because it is supposed to be “more secure.” In the process, the OS upgrade “broke” […]

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The Power of Persistently Pointless Processes: Have You Balanced Your Checkbook Lately?

Technology historians routinely point to examples of legacy hardware design driving new products in odd ways. This “path dependence”  is often cited as a barrier to innovation and the cause of long-term inefficiency. The layout of the letters on your keyboard is a common example. This so-called QWERTY keyboard layout originally designed for typewriters is […]

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Three Secrets to Making an Impact: Pipelines, Timing and Exploring the “Adjacent Possible”

1. Prepare your pipeline of possible projects. I had a colleague once who explained to me that every year her boss told her that the organization’s priorities for funding had changed and that they would be looking for projects in other parts of the business to develop and promote. She should scale back her program. She smiled […]

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