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A Learning Opportunity in Flexibility and Determination for You and Your Team

Angela Duckworth’s presentations and research have spawned a lot of discussion over the last year on the dominant importance of sustained hard work in becoming successful. Her central conclusion is that perseverance (what she calls “grit”) is a better indicator of who will be successful than talent. Others have seized on her research as proof that the problem with […]

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Searching for Alternatives to Death by Powerpoint: The Single Slide Strategy

A friend sent me this link to an NPR story about the mind-numbing effects of powerpoint presentations. NPR interviewed various groups including physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider, CEOs at fortune 500 companies, and generals at the pentagon. Some of those interviewed have put an outright ban on powerpoint presentations at their meetings because they […]

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You Should Add “Ego Risk” to the Risks You Are Managing

Most companies have begun to see risk management as a separate and important discipline worthy of dedicated resources and specialized skills. We now recognize a much broader array of risk areas and look beyond financial risk to market risk, technical risk, and key person risk. There has recently also been increased focus on information security […]

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