Great Teams Are Worth Watching, Learn Their Secret and Pass It On!

I am a big fan of the perfect  pass. If you follow professional basketball in the US, you were treated to some perfect passing last week. In a pivotal game in the championship series, the Spurs passed the ball 113 times more than the Heat. Especially at the professional level, the teams tend to rely on a dominant player or two to win games so when the Spurs beat the Heat with such an impressive display of passing involving every player on the team, the better team won and won cup ball

Now that we are well into the initial rounds of the World Cup, you can watch hours of great passing. This week’s post is short so you can get back to watching your favorite teams.

At the commercial breaks, give some thought to how you pass the ball at work and how well and how often. When was the last time you made the pass that put a colleague in a position to make the go-ahead score?

The secret to teamwork is making the right pass at the right time, so pass it on.


2 responses to “Great Teams Are Worth Watching, Learn Their Secret and Pass It On!”

  1. Great point! I have often wished that performance reviews in our organization recognized “passes” as much as “shots”.

    • I noted that the last goal for Portugal in yesterday’s World Cup match was the result of a perfect pass and the commentators pointed that out. All the more impressive since the perfect pass came from the player (Ronaldo) most noted for his dazzling scoring. A bummer for US fans since the goal tied the game in the final minutes of stoppage time, but so it goes.