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Four Reasons Why Annual Performance Reviews Fail and What To Do About It

Teague Hopkins on my advisory board flagged this Washington Post story about Accenture throwing out most of its current process for doing annual performance reviews (APRs) and rankings for employees. With 330,000 employees, Accenture figured that since the process wasn’t actually improving performance and it was costing huge amounts of time and money, it was time […]

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The Power of Experiencing What Your Customers Are Experiencing

Do you know what your customers are experiencing when they use your product or service? If you had the same experience they were having, you could be knowledgeable, empathetic, and encouraging – you could be really helpful! Our kitchen faucet was about seven years old and the bracket under the counter had rusted out so the […]

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Five Reasons Your Company Is Addicted to Reorganization and How to Survive the Next One

Some companies seem to be in a constant state of reorganization. It’s almost an addiction. If you want to survive reorganizations, you need to be a bridge not a box. More on this in a minute, but first, it helps to understand why companies reorganize so often? 1. Modern enterprises tend to describe themselves in […]

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Is Your Market Going to be Uberfied or AirBnB’d? Disruptive Innovations Coming Your Way

Uber is a “private car for hire” service which uses a mobile app to handle the whole engagement and payment transaction including rating both drivers and riders. It has the taxi industry trying to set up roadblocks. AirBnB matches up people who want to rent out their apartments (trailers, rooms, etc.) with people looking for […]

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