Month: October 2013

  • Four Best Questions to Hire Someone Who Will Hit the Ground Running

    Do you need to hire someone who can hit the ground running? Forget trying to find someone who will know how to do the whole job before they arrive because even if the job is similar to one they have already done, the operating environment is always different, often in subtle and important ways. What you […]

  • The Secret To Keeping Your Balance When Your Job Becomes A High-Wire Act

    Do you feel like you are walking a tightrope at work? Maybe you have been promoted recently to a position of leadership and you are finding the politics even more complicated than you imagined. Or maybe you are finding it impossible to balance work and the rest of your life.  Or maybe you are managing […]

  • No Teamwork? Or Is There Is No Work for Teams?

    A common refrain in the business world is that “we need more teamwork.” I am not so sure. Sports analogies are probably the most common source of metaphors in the business language. Think about it: he struck out, do we have our bases covered, it’s a whole new ball game, that came out of left field, you’re […]

  • Strategy Is About Making Choices, Not Just Decisions

    Strategy is about making choices among realistic options to use your resources to achieve a business goal. A good way to test whether you have a strategy is whether you can point to the options you have chosen between or among and explain why you made the choice you did.  For example, “We are choosing […]

  • Ten Thousand Hours and Ten-Minute YouTube Videos

    If you invested 10,000 hours learning how to learn, you might be better than average at a lot of things. In his bestseller, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell sets out his interpretation of data which seem to show that the success of top performers in many fields is better explained by fortunate opportunities to get more practice […]